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NHF Card


Regardless of age, health and income status, residents get help to pay for prescription drugs if they have any of the 15 specified chronic diseases. The diseases covered are listed below.


Collect a NHF Application Form from your doctor, hospital, health clinic, pharmacy, NHF Head Office or NHF Helpdesk locations.

cob linkTake it to your doctor who will fill in the illnesses that the applicant has. The doctor must sign the form including his or her doctor’s registration number.

Fill out all the relevant sections of the card – name address, date of birth, gender and your Tax Registration Number (TRN). If you do not have a TRN card, apply to your nearest Tax Office.

Ensure that you copy the number correctly on your application or attach a photocopy to the completed application form and mail or take them to the NHF office.

An adult or a legal guardian must sign the application card for children under the age of 18.

Everyone applying for NHF Individual Benefits, including children must have a TRN. The Tax Office is ready to assist parents and guardians to obtain TRN cards for their infants and children.

Click here to download sample application form