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The National Health Fund has donated additional funds to the National Road Safety Council, as it continues its road safety public education campaign, during this celebratory season.

NHF's Board Chairman Mr. Sterling Soares said, "We are indeed delighted to continue lending our support to the NRSC as we are fully aware of the high cost associated with accidents and trauma resulting from improper road usage". He also noted that education is a critical component in the drive towards adopting and practicing good road safety habits.

Since 2005 funding from the NHF has enabled the National Road Safety Council to undertake its mandate as the lead national agency responsible for promoting road safety, particularly in the area of public education. This funding has made it possible for the NRSC to sponsor major campaigns and activities geared towards all users of the road.

Dr. Lucien Jones, Vice Chairman, NRSC expressed sincere gratitude to the NHF for its continuous support over the years, while urging all Jamaicans to spread the word about safety and the responsibility in using our roads. Dr. Jones also noted that between the period January 1 to December 5, 2012 road fatalities were at 240, in comparison to 284 during the same period in 2011, representing a 15 % decline.

Contact: Rosemarie Lee, Public Information Manager
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Date: December 6, 2012